About Us

Synerzence is a venture of Water Communications.
Water are a 360° communications specialists with a dedicated arm focused on brand building and B2B promotions. Synerzence is an outcome of this structuring.
With Water, brands have the additional benefit of leveraging their communication needs in every other relevant media, within the bigger picture.
Synerzence has evolved from Water’s deep-rooted connection with the Architect and Interior Designer fraternity. It has its origins in the organisation of an annual awards night for the industry’s governing body IIA, now renowned as The IIA Awards.
Synerzence has, to date, completed 12 editions across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune, with a calendar already determined for the next couple of quarters. Its events include Architecture Seminars, Architects and Interior Designer Meets, Awards Nights, Exhibitions, Presentations and other events.

Why Synerzence
  • Industry first venture – will have a vow effect ( very unique)
  • Compact needs only 40 square feet
  • Consistent – looks, shape, size, taste & appearance
  • Low start up cost, low pizza cost & high ROI
  • Extended working hours (vending machine can run 24 x 7)
  • Hygiene – no human touch